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Small Animal House Cover

Global No.1 DEOCUBE

Small Animal House Cover

Meet the DEOCUBE Living Box Deodorization Cover that cleanly deodorizes small animals such as porcupines and hamsters and their discharges (deodorizing mesh net).

The deodorizing mesh net, an eco-friendly solution to unpleasant odors provides an excellent effect with a simple installation, garnering great interest from small pet owners.


“No more worrying about odors in Living House”

Living House provides a one-time, complete solution to unpleasant odors coming from small animals such as porcupines, hamsters and guinea pigs and their litter and fodder. Its antibacterial capability removes all foul odors, mites and germs created in Living House.

Please scroll left and right to view the table.
Category (Small Animal House Living Box) Deodorizing Mesh Cover Size
(Length x height in mm)
120L 685 X 530 -
80L 627 X 465 -
68L Partial net 470 X 350 -
Whole net 580 X 440 -
58L and below 580 X 400 Same deodorizing mesh cover size for all various Living Box products
(one size fits all)